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Thursday, June 12, 2008

How To Attract Women Only Reason Why You Are Not Attracting Women

How come they don't teach us How To Attract Women in school? :)

Look, if you're not getting the results you want with women, or with a certain woman, there's only ONE reason why:

You are not providing her with the emotions she is friggin' DESPERATELY CRAVING!!!!!

Sometimes, a woman is feeling INSECURE, and she NEEDS a compliment, or she needs to know you love her.

But getting all lovey-dovey with a total stranger is not the way to START an interaction with a total stranger!

That would just make her feel BAD, it would make her feel she is with a desperate or socially clueless guy!


She doesn't want the daily boring grind of boring or annoying work, boring or annoying people, and pathetic or sleezy or clueless guys!

She also doesn't want the emotions of betrayal and insecurity that come from players and jerks.

Those are all emotions she wants to AVOID!!!!!

At ALL TIMES you are interacting with a woman, you have to be asking yourself the following question:

Is what I am doing creating the EMOTIONS I WANT TO CREATE IN HER?

The problem is that guys tend to let THEIR OWN emotions rule their behaviors and actions, as opposed to actually achieving the self-discipline to hold back and LEARN about attraction and emotion, until they reach the SKILL level where they can TRUST their own instincts.

For example, a guy gets UPSET at a girl for not responding to him the way he wants. So he figures he'll get ANGRY at her and "show her" by calling her abusive names.

He is being ruled by his OWN emotions, he is not thinking of what emotion that will create in HER, namely that he LOST CONTROL and that HE is desperate and that SHE is the prize.

So NOW that he has behaved THAT WAY, she FEELS that HE is a loser, he is an emotional LEECH, and she feels that SHE is the superior value and that being with him is a rip-off.

SHE feels SHE is the one providing the SUPERIOR energy and superior desirability in the situation. She truly feels "ripped off" by the guy, because he suddenly seems like an inferior.

And this is just the TIP of the iceberg where guys make mistakes in terms of not thinking about what emotions they are creating or sparking in women.

It IS important to understand the WHY of attraction even more than the "what to say". i.e. WHY is she doing what she is doing, and the ANSWER is because of how she FEELS.

So if you know how she is FEELING, you can know the best thing for you to do to take her HIGHER.

Listen, do YOU enjoy being bored?
Do YOU enjoy having people bring you DOWN?
Do YOU enjoy being ripped off?
Do YOU enjoy being betrayed?
Do you enjoy having to play "games"?

And neither do WOMEN.

But yet the way most guys act around women, you'd think these guys thought that women were just there to enjoy being brought down, to enjoy hanging around people who seem to be emotional leeches, or who are clueless about what it means to be cool.

It's so ironic, because so often the guy who is acting "nice" is not even aware HIMSELF of how the only reason he is acting so overly nice
OR jerky is because he has no perspective, he doesn't realize that he is only acting this way because of his OWN wrong picture of reality.

To a woman who is not desperate herself, desperation is just SAD, it's pathetic, it's not even anything EVIL, it's just PATHETIC.
And it's hard to be attracted to "PATHETIC".

And to a woman that has been mistreated or played around with in a bad way, if you act like a jerk with her, she will DETEST you.

Just as hard as it would be for YOU to be attracted to what YOU thought was pathetic or detestable in a woman.

It's ALL ABOUT SPARKING EMOTIONS IN A WOMAN, and don't EVER forget that for a second.

Now, ultimately, with learning, your NEW INSTINCTS can take over, but before that point, you must NOT do things just because you FEEL like doing them, because right now, your FEELINGS may be based on WRONG PICTURES of reality, of women, of the particular woman you are talking to, etc.

Doing things just because you FELT like it would be like trying to launch and fly the Space Shuttle by the seat of your pants with no idea what you were doing simply because you "felt" like it because it would be fun "like a video game".

It's absurd.
You know that wouldn't work.
You accept that achieving success in that area requires UNDERSTANDING AND TRAINING.

The reality is that AT ALL TIMES, you are either GIVING HER THE EMOTIONS SHE WANTS or you are giving her the emotions she DOESN'T WANT.

It's that simple.